This necklace caught me by surprise

Lavish blooms necklace from Premier Designs

Lavish blooms necklace from Premier Designs

Ok. I have to admit it, I had some reservations about this necklace when I first saw it in the catalog. I thought it was kind of garish and bulky and … well … kind of unappealing. But then … it happened!

I walked into a training meeting and I saw this necklace on the instructor. And wow! It just blew me away. It was stunning on her. She was a tall, beautiful woman that falls in the 25-40 year old range and that necklace just accented everything that was good about her, blended well with her skin tone and was just a perfect touch to the casual outfit she was wearing. Yes. It was a bold statement but it was one of those bold statements that doesn’t overwhelm it’s wearer but instead says, “Hi. I’m a confident, beautiful woman who is fashion conscious, trendy, strong and fearless.” It did NOT scream garish or bulky as I thought it would. It did NOT yell at me from across the room either – it kind of subtly snuck up on me and said, “Hey, remember me? The one you called mean names? Yup. I’m stunning, aren’t I?” And then I swear it stuck it’s tongue out at me. Yes, it was probably just the light glistening off one of the sculptured petals or accent¬†crystals but I’m telling you, it gave me attitude.

So here I am, ready to take back my judgmental sneering and tell you that this necklace is just gorgeous in person. Just enough sparkle and shine to catch the eye, but the antiqued finish adds a bit of elegance and structure to the piece. This is another one that works well with a dress, suit, or jeans.

Lavish Blooms by Premier Designs jewelry is a 16″ necklace with a 4″ extender crafted in gold-tones, set with crystals. It is found on page 6 & 7 of the Premier Designs 2014-2015 catalog.

Online catalog:

Access code: shine


Ok. Here we go. I bopped around the internet a bit, looking for outfits that this necklace would go well with and here is what I found:

Fun, flirty, and cute! Super fun and flirty with an oh-so-cute bow!

All bundled up

This necklace is the perfect pick-it-up for this majorly casual look.

Sleek and trendy

An outfit that works SO well with a great statement necklace.

Warm and cozy

Completely casual and oh-so perfect for this look!

Fun and casual

A little flirty and fun. Just like Lavish Blooms!

Stunning in blue

Gorgeous and perfect for a night on the town. This dark dress is the perfect backdrop for the glitz and glamour of this necklace!

Afternoon city-walk

I mean, really, who wouldn’t love a necklace THIS versatile!


4 thoughts on “This necklace caught me by surprise

  1. i enjoyed your post very much. I, too am a jeweler starting my 3rd year. I had the same impression at first even though I truly liked the necklace. I just couldn’t pass the “what would you wear with this” stage. Now I see it in a different perspective. Thank You!


  2. I love this necklace! I have it on today. My favorite way to wear it is in the winter with a turtleneck and the 90″ pearls, tripled. It is so pretty.


  3. I love your article ! I too am a Jeweler, very new a couple months and am working on acquiring pieces. I also thought this was “garish” but now have new respect for it. Thank you so much! Well done!


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